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We are a small group based ministry, emphasizing each student’s involvement in a regular small group led by committed adult leaders. We are a ministry built on adult leaders who are invested in the lives of the kids in our program, seeking life-on-life contact with them throughout the week and regular participation in youth group and monthly events.



We are a youth group that intentionally creates spaces of openness and dialogue around the central and challenging issues of life and faith. We encourage and welcome questions among our kids and leaders, with a desire to engage with what’s really going on in each others’ lives and the world around us. We also intentionally engage in acts of service every month and encourage our leaders and students to serve in their communities.



We have four desired outcomes as a youth group, recognizing that we are all “works in progress” moving in a direction, always moving but never arriving—at least this side of eternity. Trusting God’s leading, we seek to disciple students that:


  1. Love the Lord. We want to shape people who are passionate about following Jesus. This comes first and foremost from a recognition that we are loved first. We love because Christ first loved us. We want to instill in our young people the fundamental conviction that they are inherently loved and valued over and above anything they can do. It is not earned—it is grace. We seek to create an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance, living as conduits of Christ’s radical love towards the world.

  2. Live in community. We know that our love for Christ is most tangibly expressed in love for others, so we seek to be a group that lives in intentional community, given everything that entails. We commit to living “cards down,” growing in trusting God with who we are and trusting others alongside us as we seek to live into new life in Christ.

  3. Influence. We want to form young people that know how to do more than just follow the rules. In fact, we want to form young people that would be willing to break the rules for the right reasons. The Rosa Parks of the world. We strive to invest in students, to grow them as leaders, and to encourage them to steward whatever platform they are given with the grace and humility seen in Jesus. We want to grow them as influencers in their communities and circles.

  4. Know it’s not about you. As followers of Christ, we want to shape young people that know it is not about them. We want to be others-focused and Christ-centered in everything we do, seeing the world through a lens bigger than our own.


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