New Comm is a place where all are welcome.

Everyone. All of us. Whether you have a strong faith or no faith, or perhaps a million questions about faith, you have a place at the table here. We encourage people of all different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to come and seek Christ together.


Church here is about pursuing Christ in community. Although we hope that our actions will show what we value more than our words ever could, click here to learn more about what we value and seek to live by.


Looking to learn more about specific ministries?

Kids Community [birth - 5th grade]

Youth Ministry [6th - 12th grade]

Small Groups

Volunteer with us or engage with the city


Past Teachings


518 W. 3rd Ave.

Sundays @ 9am

[10am from Sept. to June]


If you are looking to connect at New Comm and/or have specific questions about our community fill out this form and Julie, our connections pastor, will text you back to coordinate meeting you before or after Sunday service. We look forward to hearing from you.



Is not for everyone

(and that's OK)

Some will love our rhythms and the way we seek to orient our lives in the world and others won't.


 For your convenience, here is a list of other churches in and around Spokane that inspire us:


-Chi Rho Community (CDA)
-Emmaus Church
-Olive Branch Church
-The Vine Community
-Soma Church

All are unique in their style and mission and each church is doing great Kingdom work in the city.

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Address: 518 West 3rd Ave, Spokane, WA, 99201