Henri Nouwen says, “Leadership, for a large part, means to be led.” New Community strives to be a people leading and being led by Jesus into an integrated life of contemplation, learning, relationship, generosity, hospitality, mission, and re-creation. If you have a desire to invest more deeply in New Community and explore what it means to embody the values our community embraces, we invite you to apply to attend the Leadership School. From February 10th to March 31st, we will gather over a soup dinner every Sunday evening for discussion and learning around the seven values of New Community. We will be led by a variety of friends and faith practitioners from New Community, and will also engage in weekly “homework” practices as well as an urban exposure experience. The Leadership School would be a valuable opportunity for anyone considering or planning to apply for the reimagined New Community internship. Application and interview required. Once accepted, the cost of attendance is $50. For more information and to apply, go here.   

Applications are open until January 18th.

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Email: staff@new-community.com